We kindly ask you to use the admission form at the bottom of this page if you are interested.
Before that please read through the presented information on this page carefully.
Thank you.


Opening Hours: 7:30am – 5:00pm
Core Hours 9am to 1pm:
Children must arrive at the nursery at 9am and can only be picked up after 1pm

Please find an overview of the costs here.

Please note that only “Krippenkinder” and “Kindergartenkinder” apply and that MFF is maybe not covering all costs – means parents still have to pay a gap, the lunch catering and any additional optional training (e.g. music school).
The individual cost share for parents can be clarified during the application process.

Lunch fee: provided by a bio-catering service at an additional cost of €100 per month
Other fees: deposit of 900,00 EUR; monthly membership 128 EUR; acceptance fee.

Before sending an admission please also kindly note the following.

Sparkling Diamonds is a parent-run Kindergarten. We are funded by the Munich Youth Welfare Office (Stadtjugendamt München) and meet its high quality standards.
Since the parents provide their time on a voluntary basis for the organizational work of the Kindergarten, we are not able to respond to applications that do not fulfill our criteria.

Our criteria include:

  • Families in which one or both parents are native English speakers or families in which the child is exposed to a significant amount of English on a daily basis.
  • Families who are willing to actively participate and contribute to the organization and management of a parents’ initiative.
  • Children of appropriate age and gender to fill the needs of a balanced group.

Also, our children do not receive either English or German lessons.
Instead we adhere to the philosophy that children learn language through interacting with the native-speaking teachers on a daily basis in the Kindergarten.

Only applications that are completed in full will be considered.


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