An overview of our pedagogical work:
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We are a group of parents who founded and are now running a bilingual kindergarten in order to give our children a safe and comfortable place ideal for both learning and playing. We are a registered non-profit organization. Each parent has to become a member of the organization.

  • Supporting the children in their individual development
  • Early language training
  • Experience of an international environment
  • Supporting healthy and well-balanced eating habits
  • Involvement in and support of our children’s care

In the age of globalization it is becoming increasingly important to be able to speak more than one language. Furthermore, the integration and the support of non-German families is very important to us. Kindergarten is the ideal time to lay the foundations for bilingualism and we want to support this. Children learn by playing, singing, dancing and painting. They will be encouraged to participate and at the same time their language skills will develop.


Close parental involvement with the kindergarten team is necessary to create an optimal care environment for our children. However, unlike other parents’ initiatives we do not see our role in cooking and cleaning. We put more emphasis on the parents working together. In order to accomplish this we have organized several committees (e.g. one for PR/sponsoring) within which the parents will contribute. The parents will also be expected to help in the kindergarten if a carer or a teacher must be absent.