Alina Kindergarten
Luca Ruzzier – Head Teacher

– Staatlich anerkannter Erzieher
– Bacherlor’s in Education (Italy)
– Master’s in Clinical Pedagogy (Italy)
– Experience working in Nursery, Kindergarten and Afternoon centers


Natalie Kindergarten
Natalie Langer – German speaking Teacher

– Staatlich anerkannte Erzieherin
– Further experience in teaching in a Waldorf setting and working with children with special needs


Jennifer Teacher Kindergarten


Jennifer Hill – English speaking Teacher

– Bachelor of Science in Psychology (USA)
– Experience working in bilingual Krippe and Kindergarten


Raquel Kindergarten


Raquel Galvao – English speaking Teacher

– Bacherlor’s in Education (Portugal)
– Master’s in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education (Portugal)
– Experience working in Nursery in a bilingual setting





Julia Chen-Schröder – English speaking Teacher

– M.A. in Teaching English to Young Learners (EFL)
– Certified primary school teacher in Taiwan
– Years of English teaching experience in kindergartens and children learning institutes
(specialized in storytelling, task-based learning, intercultural communication project)